• Spring Cleaning Tips

    Spring Cleaning Tips

    As winter fades away and spring comes around, it’s time to refresh your home with a thorough spring cleaning. At HomeClean, we understand the importance of deep cleaning during this season. In this blog post, we’ll discuss why spring cleaning is crucial and which areas you should focus on to achieve a fresh and clean Read more

  • How to Clean Silver at Home

    How to Clean Silver at Home

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    In this article, we’ll share our maid’s tips and secret techniques on how to clean and polish tarnished silver. Silver is a white metal, which has many benefits of making several things such as jewelry, coins, kitchen utensils including cooker sets, spoons, etc. As well as we need to do kitchen cleaning, these silver equipment Read more

  • How to Clean Microwave

    How to Clean Microwave

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    Once in a while, we use the microwave to cook a quick meal using electromagnetic radiation. After some cooking session, one round of leftovers or burnt bags of popcorn will turn a sparkling clean microwave into a grimy, smelly huge mess. Sometimes even though it looks clean, that does not mean there aren’t any bacteria Read more

  • How to Clean Oven

    How to Clean Oven

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    Do you have clean kitchen appliances, with a dirty horrible looking oven, with lasagna bubbled or cookie crumbs from last backing session?  Are you thinking about how to clean an oven or where to begin? Yes, I know it seems an overwhelming chore. But with the right basics, you can do this work like an Read more