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If you are reading this article, then I’m sure you need our Apartment Cleaning Services in NYC. Since keeping your apartment clean takes a lot of energy time and energy. No matter how efficiently you do all the usual daily tasks; eventually, your place will require a deeper, more thorough cleaning.

Rather than using the brushes, buckets, mops, and individual cleaning items, why not turn it over to our professional Apartment Cleaning Services. Deep cleaning is what we do it each time.

There are several reasons to hire our Apartment Cleaning Services in NYC. Look them over and then contact us. We are available to make your life worth living.

Stay tuned to find out more about our apartment cleaning services; and why our Residential Cleaning Service in NYC can be your best option.



When it’s time to book your appointment, simply pay us a visit and secure your date. From there, you can expect our team to contact you to inquire a bit more about your specific needs. You can even use our online calculator to receive a quick and instant estimate.



Our entire team of professional sanitization and COVID-19 disinfection experts are here. To ensure that you feel safe before, during, and after your experience with us. We’re fully insured and bonded; and every member of our team is trained and experienced in servicing homes for COVID-19 disinfection and general sanitizing. 



Thermo Accelerated Nano Crystal Sanitation, a factory-installed internal component, modifies the crystal structure of the minerals in tap water to clean and disinfect faster. And better than most chemicals, making steam vapor systems equipped with TANCS® the greenest cleaning method ever.



For more than ten years, we’ve proudly serviced the states of New York and New Jersey across a wide range of cleaning, sanitizing, and disinfecting needs. Today, we’re proud to lend a helping hand with leading technology to make a difference.

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Benefits of Hiring our Apartment Cleaning Service

  • Healthy Indoor Air

Residential area rugs, carpet cleaning, air duct cleaning, blinds, drapes, and upholstered furniture all favorable for dust and dirt. At HomeClean, we provide our best Apartment Cleaning Services in NYC and utilize the most advanced processes and tools for a scheduled deep cleaning. Enhance your indoor air quality for a healthier family and home.

  • Relax and Enjoy

You can spend many hours keeping your apartment clean, but is that the ideal use of your time? Call upon the Apartment Cleaning Services in NYC, and utilize the time you save for your education, family time, creative endeavors, or just relaxing.

  • Long Term Savings

Your carpets, furniture, drapes, and blinds are significant or valuable. Without a daily deep clean, performed with professional tools and procedures, they start to deteriorate. Carpet, drape fabric fibers break down, upholstery, and blinds lose their ideal surface.

You can aid in preserving the longevity of these critical products by calling our Apartment Cleaning services, and we will come to with our advanced tools.

  • The Right Equipment Do a Better Job

No matter how you mop or scrub, the tools, and products you use don’t work, as do the professional cleaning equipment used by the HomeClean cleaners. Our processes and tools are indeed the best for you. Therefore, seek help from our Apartment Cleaning Services in NYC.

We Provide The Best Apartment Cleaning Service in NYC

With over ten years in the cleaning industry, we are not new ones, and we are on a mission. Our professional team has worked hard throughout these years to develop the most effective cleaning processes.

We admit it; we are proud to have become the most valuable and trusted Apartment Cleaning Services in NYC. At HomeClean, we don’t relax on our laurels but are always working to develop newer, better techniques.

Types of Apartment Cleaning Services We Offer

Apart from our home cleaning services, there is also a huge demand for apartment cleaning, which our Apartment Cleaning Services in NYC offers. There are two main types of Apartment Cleaning Services;

  • One-time apartment cleaning
  • Recurring cleaning services

Moreover, if we further it, then we find other classification like Moving In/Out, Full apartment cleaning, One-time apartment cleaning, air duct cleaning Deep Cleaning, and carpet cleaning. Likewise, selecting the right cleaning service is quite tricky, considering the different local and national brands in the market.

Full Apartment Cleaning

Our Residential Cleaning Services in NYC gives reliable and affordable comprehensive apartment cleaning services. The main reasons why plenty of our clients choose us to include;

  • Insured Apartment CleaningServices
  • Flexible budget and appointment
  • Modern cleaning equipment and chemicals of Residential Cleaning Service in NYC
  • Trustworthy and honest cleaners
  • Satisfaction Guaranteed

Our Residential Cleaning Service covers the particular areas in your place that involves a kitchen, bedroom, bathroom living, and dining area. Our professional team will make your stubborn dirt; dust, grime, and mildew are eliminated without making a mess in your place.

Cleaning Your Apartment Before Moving In

Move-In/Out Apartment Cleaning is one of our primary services for clients. We understand the massive hassle of packing and transferring the items to a new residence without the assurance of it being disinfected or cleaned already. It is the main reason why we have provided this service to you.

Our Apartment Cleaning Services and experienced cleaners will carefully cover all areas and sections in your new apartment that involves a bedroom, bathroom, kitchen, living, and dining area. We are utilizing top of the line cleaning equipment and chemicals to make sure germ-free and spotless environment.

One-time Apartment Cleaning

You can avail of our Residential Cleaning packages and one-time apartment cleaning services. We can give you excellent and practical tips on how to reduce clutter and specks of dust in your areas.

Meanwhile, for our one-time service, you can select from spring or deep Apartment cleaning Services.

The spring apartment cleaning offer will still cover the main parts in your apartments such as bedroom, and kitchen, bathroom, living and dining area but with little attention to dark specks and grimes of dirt.

Comparatively, a sincere apartment cleaning offer will cover the same places but with more attention to deep-seated grimes and dirt in your apartment. If you consider one-time Apartment Cleaning Services in NYC, we suggest you select deep cleaning, to make sure that all those dirt hiding in narrow areas are appropriately eliminated.

Apartment Deep Cleaning

If you think your new apartment is already loaded with thick layers of dust, grease, and mildew, then, in my opinion, it is about time you consider calling our Residential Cleaning Services.

Our professional team will ensure to remove all those thick layers of dirt that can lead to sickness to you and your family.

Do not let those grime pile up over time, as it can be challenging to eliminate yourself. In that case, you can contact us for this job. We have the right cleaning agents, tools, and experienced cleaners to tackle that stubborn grime and dirt.

Our cleaners from Residential Cleaning Service in NYC will give keen details on the tight, narrow spaces and corners in your place, upholstery, appliances, and fixtures.

Apartment Carpet Cleaning Service

The carpets in the apartment are one of the perfect places where allergens and bacteria can grow and multiply. The grime, spills, dust, and food particles serve as the best breeding medium for these pathogens that can put your and your family health at risk. In that case, you can save yourself from the hassle of carpet cleaning by calling us for our Apartment Cleaning Services in NYC.

We use the three unique carpet cleaning techniques for this service: deep cleaning, hot water extraction, and chemical cleaning agents.

We will guarantee that disinfection and sterilization are done starting from the top-most layer down to the last-bottom section of your carpet.

Urine, pet hairs, spills, food debris, pet poop, dirt, and vomit will be adequately removed by our state-of-the-art carpet cleaning, deodorizer, cleaning agents, and equipment.

After the cleaning process, you can expect your carpets to be smelling fresh and five-months younger. So, you can find our Apartment Cleaning Service in NYC for carpet cleaning the best.

Apartment Air Duct Cleaning

When you hire our best Apartment Cleaning Services team of HomeClean for your air duct cleaning, you are free and secured of a seamless or efficient work. There are a lot of benefits when you have a clean air duct in your place. These benefits involve;

  • Very minimal presence of allergens and dust circulating over your apartment
  • Decreases the chance of getting a dusty residence space
  • Cleaner and crisp air inside your apartment
  • Absence of any nasty odors
  • Appropriate airflow inside your residence

New Apartment Cleaning

Cleaning your new apartment can be quite a big job for you, particularly if you have other things to do. Availing our Apartment Cleaning Services in NYC does not have to be too costly; especially when you call us for the task.

HomeClean gives cost-efficient solutions for your requirement of Apartment Cleaning Services near you. Our ten years of experience, modern cleaning process, and highly trained; and honest cleaners will ensure you receive 100% value for money.

Moreover, we offer flexible Apartment Cleaning Service in NYC that matches your budget and schedule. Do not worry about contacting us anytime; we can provide you free estimates for your requirements with no hidden charges. HomeClean can be your go-to apartment cleaning service.

We provide best quality house cleaning services in NYC

Customer Satisfaction has always been our topmost priority. We are not Happy until You Are.

HomeClean NYC promises to deliver fabulous house cleaning results at your doorstep. Having served the New York City Metropolitan for over 10 years has given us a leading advantage against other competitors in the industry. 

Whether it’s your house, townhouse, villa, apartment, small office, real estate property, recently renovated home, or post-construction residential site, we cover it all to perfection.

Highest Rated house Cleaning Services in NYC

We are NYC’s Number 1 Choice for House Cleaning Services

Our industry-leading quality assessment protocols allow customers to leave reviews that are cutting edge and ranked as one of the finest in the area. And that’s one of the reasons why we welcome you onboard our team for a spectacular working relationship.

After all of our cleaning sessions, we ensure our leading heads take a survey of the performance carried out by the team. Only after your satisfaction do we leave because a smile across your face means the most to us.


Our team is our most valuable resource. All of our cleaning technicians have earned professional cleaner certification through HomeClean Maid Training Academy.

A Mission Driven by Quality

  • Deliver high quality and consistent cleaning 
  • Provide outstanding customer satisfaction
  • Respect the environment – use eco-cleaning products
  • Treat our staff well with stable employment and reasonable wages
  • Focus 100% of our resources on the best quality and service
  • Offer quality and service better than any other NYC home cleaning contractor

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