Basic House Cleaning Service

Our basic house cleaning service is anything but basic. Scheduled weekly, monthly, or more often, it is one of the most thorough and effective home cleaning services NYC has to offer.

Our Insured and Bonded European Maids will Wow You with the Caliber of Service.

As they make a clean sweep through your apartment for hours. Every room will receive the attention it deserves, which means we’ll leave your home remarkably spotless.

We’re Devoted to Improving Your Quality of Life and Making Your Home More Comfortable and Pleasant.

It’s why our clients rave about the quality of our maid service for their apartments and homes. New York City can be a dirty, dusty place – let us help keep your home clean and pristine.




When it’s time to book your appointment, simply pay us a Visit and Secure your Date. From there, you can expect our team to contact you to inquire a bit more about your specific needs.

You can even use our Online Calculator to receive a quick and instant estimate.



Our entire team of Professional Maid Experts is here to ensure that you feel safe before, during, and after your experience with us.

We’re Fully Insured and Bonded, and Every Member of Our Team is Trained and Experienced in Servicing homes even during the COVID-19 pandemic. 



Our Maids are Background Checked, Trained, Rated, and Reviewed on every task, so you never need to worry about work quality.

We treat your home and everything inside it with the utmost respect. Our European Maids unlike any other working in NYC today.



For more than Ten Years, we’ve proudly serviced the states of New York and New Jersey across a wide range of Cleaning, Sanitizing, and Disinfecting needs.

Today, we’re proud to lend a helping hand with leading technology to make a difference.

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What does our Basic House Cleaning Service include?

HomeClean Move Out Cleaning Service CompanyThorough bathroom and kitchen cleaning, including disinfecting and sanitizing fixtures, counters, and appliances.

HomeClean Move Out Cleaning Service CompanyFloorcare throughout your home, including sweeping and mopping of hard floors and vacuuming carpets and rugs thoroughly.

HomeClean Move Out Cleaning Service CompanyFor the living room, dining room, and bedrooms, dusting, and pet hair removal if needed.

HomeClean Move Out Cleaning Service CompanyWe work to reduce and eradicate dirt and dust from which is especially helpful in reducing allergy and asthma symptoms.

HomeClean Move Out Cleaning Service CompanyWe also work our way through every room, wiping off as many scuffs, fingerprints, and dirty spots as possible.

Because Our Maids are well trained, they know where to look for dirt and grime that needs to be cleaned.

We Clean Your Home with Care

Most everyone thinks they know how to clean a house or apartment, but doing it well while protecting the furnishings is another matter. Our European Maids follow expert techniques and use the best (and safest) products. Many wood and interior surfaces require specialized care and expert methods to look their’s best.

We’ve all need in someone’s home that looks worn down because it’s been cleaned too harshly. Our maids know where and when it is appropriate to scrub hard, and where a lighter and gentler touch will do. It’s the difference between the High-Quality Care that we provide, and what someone without training might try.

Few other NYC Home Cleaning Services can match the caliber of service we provide, and we do it all at prices and rates that are reasonable and competitive.

We are Experienced at working in Apartments & Townhouses of all sizes and styles.

From stately Historic Interiors to Sleek, Modern Spaces, we clean homes of every type. We dust and sweep carefully around designer furniture, artworks, and one-of-a-kind rugs. We’re thorough but always use a light and gentle touch to protect and preserve all of the items in your home.

The Best Quality Basic House Cleaning Service

It’s why people from many walks of life and income levels trust us for daily, weekly, or monthly basic house cleaning service. In addition to making your house or apartment more pleasant, our service is designed to extend the life of your furniture and rugs. We also make sure bathrooms and kitchens are disinfected and spotless.

You’ll Have Peace of Mind When You Work with Us

Our people are bonded and insured home cleaners to assure your security and peace of mind. We respect your privacy and possessions and treat them with respect and care. Because you’ll be granting us access to your house or apartment to do our work, we understand the need for reliability and discretion.

Both are assured at all times. Everyone on our staff will be dressed neatly and professionally, arrive on time, and understand the need to ensure the comfort and peace of mind of you as our client.

Top-Notch Basic House Cleaning

HomeClean NYC and the service we provide is designed to be a cut above the rest. We make it easy and convenient to schedule one time, weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly NYC home cleaning service online. And follow through with outstanding service.


Our team is our most valuable resource. All of our maids have earned professional cleaner certification through HomeClean Maid Training Academy.

A Mission Driven by Quality

  • Deliver high quality and consistent cleaning 
  • Provide outstanding customer satisfaction
  • Respect the environment – use eco-friendly products
  • Treat our staff well with stable employment and reasonable wages
  • Focus 100% of our resources on the best quality and service
  • Offer quality and service better than any other NYC home cleaning contractor

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