NYC Cleaning Service

Are you hosting a family dinner, college come together, or perhaps a birthday celebration for your kid? Then you do need NYC cleaning service to make your house squeaky clean. Don’t waste any moment, book appointments at your earliest convenience and get rid of any dirt that may hamper the beauty of your house.

What’s more, it doesn’t matter if have a change of plans, with home cleaning services NYC you can reschedule the appointment a day to the cleaning time.

Why seek NYC cleaning services?

There are many reasons why you should opt for cleaning services NYC. Among them includes reliable services, quick response, convenience, and affordable services. And these are just but a few of the reasons why you need their services.

Thus, if you are looking for satisfaction when it comes to the cleanliness of your home, then their services are what you need. So let’s have a look at other reasons and features that you may appreciate from New York City Cleaning service.

Home cleaning services NYC includes

Regular cleaning

If you desire to walk into a fresh and sparkly home every time without any putting in place any cleaning effort? Then the New York City cleaning service is ready to deliver that. Through their regular cleaning package, you will receive an outstanding home cleaning service that will leave your house sparkly clean.

They have experienced and well-skilled cleaners who are fast in their job and deliver the best and timely results at your convenience. Furthermore, this service is affordable to ensure you book with payment without feeling any pinch.

So, the regular cleaning package comprises of:

  • Kitchen cleaning– In the kitchen, the following places will be thoroughly cleaned:
    • Sink
    • Appliances
    • Cabinet faces
    • Countertops
    • Reachable surfaces
    • Floors
    • Empty trash cans
    • Glass fixtures and mirrors
    • Light switches and door handle
    • Microwave
    • Fridge
    • oven
  • Bathroom cleaning– in the bathroom, the following will be thoroughly cleaned
    • Sink
    • Glass fixates and mirrors
    • Floors
    • Empty trash
    • Reachable surfaces
    • Light switches and door handles
    • Shower
    • toilet
  • Common areas and bedroom cleaning– in these places, the following will be thoroughly cleaned
    • Bed and linens
    • Reachable surfaces
    • Empty trash cans
    • Floors
    • Glass fixtures and mirrors

As you may be aware, service in the provided areas, are labor-intensive, time-consuming, and requires more resources. But that doesn’t matter with NYC cleaning service. They have sufficient resources and labor to deliver the best and timely results. And all this is at affordable price

Deep cleaning

Now, with this service, not even a speck of dirt will be left in your home. This service specifically recommended for those who have not cleaned their home through professional cleaners in the past 3-months. Furthermore, it’s also essential if you are not enrolled in a regular cleaning service. With this service, your home will be left spotless and fresh.

Expect the following with the seep cleaning service:

With this service, it’s all about the standard home/apartment cleaning but in detail. So, when your home is not cleaned regularly, certain places are often left untouched and do accumulate more dirt gradually. With this service, all that will be addressed. Therefore, expect the following areas to be thoroughly cleaned:

  • Reachable surfaces
  • Bathroom cleaning
  • All floors
  • Kitchen and appliances
  • Other necessary things that you may need them to be cleaned.
  • Common areas

I am sure with deep cleaning you expect more services than regular cleaning? Yes, this is true, however, certain cleaning services are not part of this package but can be included. They include cleaning the interiors of:

  • Oven
  • Fridge
  • Drawers and Cabinets
  • Windows
  • Walls

The above services require more investment both in labor and resources, but thanks to our service, your home will be spotless at an affordable price.

Move out and move in  services

Moving in or moving out requires intensive cleaning of the house. This is often time-consuming and requires more resources that may not be readily available. But with NYC cleaning service, you don’t have to stress over moving in or moving out of your apartment. We have a well-experienced team of organized professional cleaners at your disposal. Just get in touch with us, and your home will be instantly cleaned for you.

With the move-out and move-in cleaning services, expect the following from NYC cleaning service:

  • Inside oven cleaning
  • Inside fridge cleaning
  • Drawers and cabinet cleaning
  • Standard home cleaning of
    • Reachable surfaces
    • Kitchen
    • Bedroom
    • Bathroom
    • Common areas
    • All floors
    • Outside kitchen appliances

Therefore, whether you are moving in or moving out of your home, seek NYC Apartment cleaning service, and have every aspect of home cleaning done for you at an affordable rate. So don’t stress, get your security deposit back through our thorough apartment cleaning services at the expense of a fraction of it. After all, you can use the remaining deposit cash to set up your new home and make it homely.


If you find it difficult to organize your staff in your apartment especially if they are many, then you are not alone. But through NYC cleaning service, you have an option of an organization package that takes care of that.

In this case, a professional who is specifically trained for this service will be dispatched to come and assist you. so whether it’s unpacking, moving or simple home organization, all that will be done for you. at NYC cleaning service, we can organize your home to fit your personality, concern, and taste. Our personnel will get at your place in a timely fashion and assess the situation within a short time.

  • Home organization

With this service, all the challenges you face in your living space will be solved within a short period. so expect some of your belongings that you don’t need to be packaged and stored for you in an organized manner. Also, it includes the identification of things you may need to dispose of and create more space in your home/apartment.

  • Unpacking or moving out

Are you planning to move out? If yes, you can opt for Apartment cleaning NYC service organization package. They will arrive at the scene on time and assist you in packing your items securely for safe transportation.

Lastly, a cluttered home is dull and stressful to live in. But with our services, you can boost the mood of your home and have everything organized for you at an affordable price by NYC home cleaning service.

Laundry services

Home laundry has never been easy especially if you have a large family. But NYC cleaning service is here to make things easy for you. Therefore, have a smile, take a deep breath, and get in touch with NYC apartment cleaning service.

Furthermore, through the laundry service cleaning package, all your laundry will be washed, dried as well as being folded and perfectly stored during home cleaning. Therefore, don’t waste your time on laundry; New York City home cleaners have experts to do it for you. so, get in touch with the company and have your clothes professionally done for you while maintaining and preserving the quality of clothing fabric.

However, this service is not a stand-alone; it comes as an extra package of home cleaning service.

Green cleaning

Not everyone is tolerant of all kinds of cleaning products. So if you find yourself sensitive to chemicals or certain products, just let us know when you book your apartment. Additionally, if you prefer green cleaning as an approach to environmental conservation, that can also be provided for you.

NYC cleaning service is specialized in delivering the best quality of service to satisfy clients. And this includes a tailored approach to suit the clients’ choice or preference. In fact, most of the supplies being used are completely safe for clients and can also be changed further to make their service extra safe. In some cases, we allow the clients to supply us with products they find greener and much safe for them.

NOTE: this service is part of the standard or normal charge, there is no extra fee that you will incur from requesting for green cleaning supplies to be used.

Who is eligible for New York City cleaning services?

Thanks to NYC cleaning services, it doesn’t matter who you are, there cleaning service is available to whoever needs it. Therefore, avoid stressing yourself over cleaning chores at your home, just get in touch with NYC apartment cleaning service and have your apartment perfectly clean at your convenience.

Professional cleaners you book through NYC cleaning service have years of experience to ensure your home is sparkly clean. Thus, irrespective of where you live, whether it’s an apartment, swanky loft in rural or a penthouse, they are available to deliver cleaning services to you.

Features of NYC cleaning services

  • Trustworthy

Apart from the bank, our homes also host many valuables that we care about so much. Considering this, it’s important to ensure the credibility of the cleaning service you are opting for. And it’s for this reason why you should opt for NYC apartment cleaning service.

They are professionals, licensed, and insured to ensure the safety of your properties. And that’s not all, there cleaning personal have a great background check and properly trained to ensure your staff irrespective of their value are safe in your home.

Lastly, with our services, you are free to be around and check the cleaning progress at your convenience.

  • No hidden charges

When you opt for unprofessional or armatures cleaning service, there is a great chance of hidden charges. But with NYC home cleaning service, the fee you have agreed upon is exactly what you will pay without incurring any more charges.

  • Top-notch cleaning supplies

We do care about the general welfare of your home, office, or apartment. And it’s for this reason why we use top-notch cleaning supplies to deliver the best cleaning services. Therefore, get in touch with us and have a chance to experience our best quality services. Furthermore, you have the option of letting us know if your house has a particular cleaning need.

  • Instance service available

Are you having an emergency gathering in your home the next day? Don’t worry, have it cleaned instantly with NYC apartment cleaning service. They have an instant cleaning service that takes care of clients who are on the last-minute rush. Furthermore, due to their skills in this field, they will consume the least time possible and still leave your home sparkly clean.

  • Regular cleaning services

Don’t allow your home to be staffed by dirt and garbage to opt for cleaning service. Get in touch with NYC cleaning service today and book a regular cleaning service. In this case, they are fast and reliable to ensure everything is perfectly clean within a short period without interfering with your schedule.

  • Access to cleaning personnel you know and love

If you are impressed by the cleaning services of a particular group of cleaning personnel, you can simply ask for them every time you’ve booked a cleaning service. We do care about our clients’ satisfaction and if specific types of cleaner are what it takes to that, they are at your disposal.

  • Insured

Are you afraid of your properties getting damaged during a cleaning? Worry not, with NYC cleaning services is exactly what you need. They have an insurance cover to ensure the safety of your belongings. Thus with their service, you are assured that your home/apartment is safe during the cleaning hours.

  • Experienced personnel

NYC cleaning service offers the best experts when it comes to cleaning your home. This ensures your home is cleaned perfectly without leaving any dirt. Also, through the many years of expertise in this field, prepare to be astonished by the beauty of your house after their service. They are best in leaving nothing unclean or with dirt spots.

  • Professional services


Don’t be tricked into opting for unprofessional cleaning services that may seem cheaper. At times the cheapest may turn out to be the most expensive. Therefore, take care of your properties and ensure there is no damage of any sort through professional cleaning services NYC. With their services, you benefit from professional cleaners who are well trained, organized, licensed, and with special tools to ensure not even a tiny spec of dirt is left without cleaning.

  • Flexible schedule

Sometimes plans change and may require a change of the cleaning schedule. Thus, when you opt for New York Cleaning service you have an opportunity to change the cleaning schedule. This makes their services convenient for you as you can opt for a future date that you feel more comfortable.

However, this option requires that you contact the cleaning service office 24 hours before the set date. This will make it convenient for them also since they often prepare and allocate personal who will clean your home earlier.

  • Fast and reliable response

It doesn’t matter when or what time you need the cleaning service. With New York City Home cleaning services, they are readily available to serve you. What’s more, they are just a call away from you. Therefore, get your house cleaned wherever you need it with NYC cleaning service.

Lastly, don’t allow yourself to be deceived by cleaning services that promise more and delivers none. With NYC cleaning service, they deliver what they promise and at a record time.

  • Green cleaning

If you love green cleaning or you are sensitive to allergies, then we will ensure only green supplies are used in cleaning your apartment. we will our research and avoid any cleansing supplies that may aggravate your allergies or cause unnecessary pollution to the environment.

  • Custom cleaning’

Are you in love with specific cleaning supplies or procedures? Then NYC cleaning service will implement that. Just let us know when you are booking the cleaning appointment so that what is needed may be acquired on time.

  • Effective and safe cleaning techniques and supplies

A significant amount of time is spent by the cleaning company in research to ensure every technique or cleaning supply used is safe and effective. Therefore, you don’t have to be worried about the safety and health of your family all that is guaranteed through NYC cleaning service.

How to book an appointment

Are you impressed with the NYC cleaning service? Then all you have to do is book an appointment and enjoy their best services at your convenience. All you need to do is give them a call, give specifications on what will be cleaned, the location, and agree on the date of cleaning. It is as simple as such.


FAQs about NYC cleaning services

The following are some of the frequently asked questions about NYC apartment cleaning services that you may find useful.

Q1. What’s the guarantee of your cleaning service?

As a cleaning company, we strive to deliver the best services and leave your home spotlessly clean. That said our contact lines are open throughout for you in case you need our services. In some cases where the clients are not satisfied even though it’s rear, we do offer cleaning service for the precise location when notified within the first 24 hours after the completion of our service.

NOTE: this service is completely free with no additional charges as long as it’s among the areas which are covered in the cleaning package.

Q2. Can I trust the cleaners sent to my apartment?

Many people are often worried at first when they opt for a cleaning service. Some of them are often concerned about the safety of their belongings considering they are allowing strangers to move freely in their homes. In which, they are right to do so.

But with NYC home cleaning service, you don’t have to worry about the safety of your belongings at home. Our personnel has excellent background checks and credible for this service. What’s more, we have an insurance cover in case anything goes wrong during the cleaning time.

Q3. Do you offer weekly apartment cleaning?

Yes, this is possible if you need such a service. And just like regular cleaning package, we will dispatch the best team with state of art cleaning supplies to leave your home spotless. For a much better experience, we will maintain the same cleaning personnel in your home so that they understand your home much better and deliver the best service than the previous result.

Q4. What if one of my properties gets damaged by your cleaning team?

There is no need to worry. In such a case, we will get in touch with our insurance company who will address the issue immediately. Therefore, in case of any liability, the losses will be covered under our insurance cover. So, there is no need to worry about any loss at your home.

Q5. Am I supposed to provide you with the cleaning supplies?

It’s not a must, it is optional for you to provide with use with cleaning supply. In some cases where the client prefers to provide us with their supplies to be used for cleaning, this is allowed. But if you want to check out the cleaning products that we recommend, contact the company or check through our website.

Q6. How would you access and clean my apartment

Once we have agreed on the cleaning date with the clients, the next step is to agree on the means of assessing your home. If you have a busy schedule with no one to leave behind, you can deliver your keys at our office. Alternatively, you can wait for the cleaner to arrive at your place before leaving, and lastly, you can stay during the whole cleaning time.

Q7. Is there a cancelation policy?

Yes, there is. This cancelation policy is meant to make our cleaning services flexible to our clients. Therefore, if our clients have a change of plan and need to reschedule the date set for cleaning, they are supposed to contact us a day before the cleaning time.







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