How To Get Your Apartment Ready for Move Out Day

How To Get Your Apartment Ready for Move Out Day

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You decide to move out to a new place, pack all your belongings, and it’s your last day at your house. However, there is still a box left to tape up. Yes, the move-out cleaning of your apartment!

Before relocating to a new location, you should thoroughly clean your previous residence. Most people do not pay much attention to the end-of-lease clean-up. If you do not conduct a proper cleaning, you risk losing a portion of your security deposit, just like if you wrecked anything. So, before you say goodbye to your previous apartment, here’s what you need to tidy first.

Pro Tip: If you cannot clean your rental house alone. We recommend you hire an apartment move out cleaning service. These professionals will thoroughly clean the house. 

Follow our comprehensive apartment cleaning checklist to guarantee you receive your entire rental deposit back!

Thoroughly clean the kitchen.


The kitchen is where you need to focus the most because the kitchen is one of the most challenging areas to deep clean. It is because we clean all the used-up dishes and use oil to prepare food. Furthermore, excessive also produce carbon and other depository compounds. 

You can start by thoroughly cleaning the up shelves of the kitchen. This way, the dust on the upper portion will be cleaned, and it will not cause any problems in the further cleaning process. After cleaning the shelves, it is time to deep clean your refrigerator. You can remove all the drawers and removable parts. It will allow you to access the far-off corners. You can wash these drawers in the sink. Use a piece of cloth with some disinfectant solution to clean the walls and other parts of the refrigerator. Check all the nooks and crannies and try your best to get everything out.

People often think that the dishwasher is self-cleaning, but it is not the case in reality. It is one of the trickiest parts to deal with. It requires a thorough cleaning every year or so. First, remove the drawers and wash them with soap and water. Then remove the filter at the bottom of the drawer, put junk into the garbage, and clean the filter. You can clean the entire interior with soapy water.

Then you should clean the remaining cabinets. Make sure that no dust or food particles remain. And the final step is washing the floor. You can prepare a bucket of water and any floor cleaning agent to clean the floor. This way, the kitchen will look brand-new.



A bedroom is where we live and spend most of our time. We also spend more time cleaning and managing our bedrooms. However, there are still places in your bedroom that need to be cleaned. You can hire a move out cleaning service for bedroom cleaning. You can also look for these places and clean yourself. 

The bedrooms are relatively easier to clean because they are already clean, as we mentioned above. All you need to ask your landlord is if they want carpets professionally cleaned, or you can vacuum clean them.

If you have cabinets in your bedroom, these cabinets must also be cleaned. Moving forward, you must clean the curtains and look for any dust around the window opening. Clean the window glass as well—dust all the nooks of closets where spiders prefer to weave their webs. There may also be shelves to dust; as well as do not forget the coat hanging bar, and you are good to go. 



Make an extra effort the clean the bathroom. It is essential to do this because your landlord may use the bathroom while checking the house. In addition to that, the newcomers will use the washroom while moving in. It is good to leave a clean bathroom behind you. 

You should also remove the toilet seat and clean the hinges. You may also clean the sink and bathtub with vinegar and baking soda to remove soap and toothpaste stains. In the end, clean the bathroom glass with a piece of cloth.

Light bulbs and ceiling fans


Dust accumulates on light bulbs and ceiling fans. It would be best if you cleaned both of these appliances. You can use regular cloth for this process.

Repair any broken thing

Look for cracks in the walls, doors, or other places. Look for any damage to sinks, tiles, lights, and electrical appliances. You must repair all the cracks to get a full refund of your security deposit. 

Mop floors and vacuum them


The floors should be mopped and vacuumed. Save this one for last because dust and chemicals may have dropped while cleaning elsewhere. Keep dogs in another room and instruct family members not to tread on the floor until it is entirely dry.

Clean the backyard

Finally, it is time to clean the backyard of the house. It is common practice that most junk and irrelevant material is kept in the house’s backyard. You will find broken chairs, pieces of glass, dust, and name what in the backyard.

Thoroughly clean the backyard because you do not want to leave any wrong impression after doing so much. If you feel low on energy or do not want to clean the backyard on your own, another viable option is available. Move out cleaning service can be used to get things done without effort. 

Hire A Cleaning Service

If you are a busy person and all this apartment Move out cleaning seems like a lot of work, then you must go for professional move out cleaning services. You can hire cleaning experts who will take care of the rest of the things.

These professional workers have years of experience and expertise in cleaning houses. They will thoroughly clean the house leaving no stone unturned. In the end, you will get a clean home without getting tired. Save your energy for the shifting process; hire a move out cleaning service now!

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    Thanks for the useful information. I will use and share with my friends.

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    January 7, 2024, 12:17 am Reply

    Great tips for a stress-free move-out. Cleaning can be overwhelming, but tackling it systematically, starting with the kitchen and bedrooms, truly makes a difference. One additional suggestion I’ve found helpful is using steam to freshen up curtains and upholstery. A handheld steamer can work wonders in removing odors and refreshing fabrics before bidding farewell to your old space. Thanks for sharing!