Do You Love the great Feeling of Freshness when you Step in Your Home?

HomeClean Greenwich is the best thing to happen for those of us who can’t be bothered with housework. With our reliable, credible, and trustworthy house cleaning services we make sure your place stays clean without you having to worry about anything!

We have all sorts of maids working hard each day trying their dutiful efforts are never wasted because there’s always someone ready when they need one most – just like at night or on weekends!

What also makes Home Clean amazing?

Well besides being foolproof in every way possible – no detail goes unnoticed-is how professional personnel has had a spotless background.


The Objectives of HomeClean Home Cleaning NYC

✅ Offer unique cleaning services to both families and professionals
✅ Use environmentally friendly cleaning supplies
✅ Deliver best quality service that’s consistent
✅ Create stable jobs with a significant pay
✅ Satisfy customers completely
✅ Invest in resources to maintain the best standards


HomeClean Professional Cleaners

✅ We are Local and Professional
✅ Vetted thoroughly and have background checks
✅ Complete Service Guarantee

Each of the cleaners we send to you has been interviewed and vetted comprehensively in person. Further, their backgrounds have been checked to ensure it’s clean, professionally trained to ensure an outstanding cleaning service.

And before they are sent to your place, we ensure they have the best reviews from other cleaning projects they have done before. That said, hiring a professional house cleaning service Greenwich ensures your home is under great care and safety.

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Why Choose HomeClean House Cleaning Greenwich?

Below are the tips that you can use to clean your home and for further help. You can ask for our House Cleaning Services in Greenwich.

Consistent Reliability

All you need to do is get in touch, book an appointment, and we will be there in time to get your home clean.

Our maids are not only great in their job but also in meeting their deadlines.

State of Art Cleaning Tools

If there is one thing that matters to us is customer satisfaction.

Thus, we have equipped ourselves with state of art cleaning tools to ensure your home is left spotlessly clean with no flaws to complain about.

Have a Busy Schedule

Taking care of projects or assignments at work as well as running personal errands completes everyone’s day. And it’s only on a few occasions that someone has a few hours to rest.

That said, it’s nearly impossible to incorporate home cleaning into your schedule. And this is where house cleaning services come in useful.

Skills & Experience in Cleaning

We have workers with skills and experience in leaving your home sparkly clean without any damage or dirt left behind.

Sensible Solution

Let’s be sincere, waking up, and deciding to clean your home thoroughly is nearly impossible.

For example, where do you even start to clean, but with home cleaning services, they know exactly where the dirt lies and how to clean your home thoroughly and within a short period.

Insured & Bonded

All you need to do is hire us. Considering we have insurance and bond, you can relax without worrying about damages.

There bond and insurance will cover damages/losses that occur during cleaning

Cleaning Supplies

We have the best cleaning supplies your house needs to be spotlessly clean.

And you have a given cleaning product you have in mind, you are free to let us know.

Instant Home Cleaning Service

Do you have an emergency and you need your home clean instantly, well, we got you.

Just get in touch with us and we will be there within a short while to clean up your home.

What’s Included in the Regular Home Cleaning Package?

Kitchen Cleaning

  • Dispose-off trash
  • Wiping glass fixtures as well as mirrors
  • Wipe clean light switches and doorknobs/handles
  • Wipe/dust clean surfaces within reach
  • Clean all house floors
  • Countertops cleaning
  • Clean microwave- both inside and outside
  • Clean the appliances and cabinet faces
  • Clean the sink thoroughly

Bathrooms Cleaning

  • Clean all the floors
  • Dispose of/take out the garbage
  • Wiping glass fixtures as well as mirrors
  • Wipe clean light switches and doorknobs/handles
  • Wipe/dust clean surfaces within reach
  • Shower, sink, and toilet wash and sanitization

Bedrooms and common areas Cleaning

  • Wipe/dust clean surfaces within reach
  • Dispose of/take out the garbage
  • Clean all the floors
  • Wiping glass fixtures as well as mirrors
  • Change linens and make your beds
  • Wipe clean light switches and doorknobs/handles

Laundry Services

This is a convenient package if you are too busy to do your laundry. However, this package does exist on its own. You can use it once you’ve booked any of the home cleaning packages.

Organization Services

If you’ve just moved into a new apartment or home, then don’t hesitate to call HomeClean House Cleaning Services.

We have professionals who will organize your belongings for you in the house perfectly. And that’s not all, this service is also available when you are moving out.

Green Cleaning

Do you love environment conservation?

Then you are not alone. With the green cleaning package, all the supplies used in cleaning your home are biodegradable and environmentally friendly.

Airbnb Cleaning

Are you operating an Airbnb business in New York? Well, get in touch with HomeClean NYC home cleaning service and let your place be cleaned thoroughly for you before your guests move in.

Moving Cleaning

Whether you are moving out or moving in, HomeClean home cleaning services are the best in preparing the home for a new occupation.

We have skills and experience in cleaning homes and apartments thoroughly clean without leaving any dust or dirt lying around.

Deep Cleaning

When was the last time you cleaned your home thoroughly from the top to the bottom?

Get in touch with HomeClean Professional House Cleaning Services Greenwich and have it done for you without moving a muscle. This service is convenient especially if you have not professionally cleaned your home for over two months.

Who Needs Professional Home Cleaning NYC?

A handicapped or elderly person

If you are a handicapped or elderly person living in Greenwich with difficulties in cleaning your home, you need home cleaning professionals. They will clean your home perfectly and even come on a weekly or daily basis to maintain your home if this is convenient for you. We have packages tailored to these specific groups of people.

Vacation property

For those with vacation homes in New York, dust and dirt often accumulate on the surfaces during the months you are away. But don’t stress, when you are about to move in, get in touch with a professional house cleaning Greenwich and they will clean up your place for you before you arrive.

House preparation for sale

Dust and other dirt can negatively affect the quality of your home. So, if you are planning to sell it, you can contact us and we will make your whole place sparkle.

Move-out-move-in to a new apartment

Luckily, there is an exact package tailored for moving into a new apartment or vacating their old home. Just call HomeClean if you are leaving in Greenwich and they will clean up your new home or old home for you.

A busy person or professional

Some professions or job requires one to spend almost the entire day at the workplace. Don’t worry about who’s going to maintain your home clean. Just contact house cleaning service Greenwich and they will get there to clean it up for you. And with various home cleaning plans such as daily, weekly, or monthly, you can choose one that fits you perfectly.

We provide best quality house cleaning services in NYC

Customer Satisfaction has always been our topmost priority. We are not Happy until You Are.

HomeClean Greenwich promises to deliver fabulous house cleaning results at your doorstep. Having served the New York City Metropolitan for over 10 years has given us a leading advantage against other competitors in the industry. 

Whether it’s your house, townhouse, villa, apartment, small office, real estate property, recently renovated home or post-construction residential site, we cover it all to perfection.

Highest Rated house Cleaning Services in NYC

We are Greenwich’s Number 1 Choice for House Cleaning Services

Our industry-leading quality assessment protocols allow customers to leave reviews that are cutting edge and ranked as one of the finest in the area. And that’s one of the reasons why we welcome you onboard our team for a spectacular working relationship.

After all of our cleaning sessions, we ensure our leading heads take a survey of the performance carried out by the team. Only after your satisfaction do we leave because a smile across your face means the most to us.

How to get in touch with HomeClean home cleaning services NYC

There are many ways to get in touch with us. If you are an old-school kind of person, then you can find us through directories.

But if you prefer a more sophisticated approach, you can book our services online or perhaps make a call to our offices.

Where We Operate in Connecticut?

Our professional cleaning service is available across the city. Therefore, Irrespective of where you live in Greenwich, just cal use and will be there to assist you when you are ready.

That said, we are available in the New York Tri-State State area of New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, and Long Island.

Request Your Home Cleaning Now

Don’t break your bark trying to clean your home. You should hire professional’s home cleaners and they will get it done for you at ease. We have the best cleaning tools, cleaning supplies, well organized and dedicated cleaners who are professionally trained for this job.

So call us today if you are leaving in New York or New York City and we will clean up your home for you perfectly.


Do I need to provide the cleaning supplies or tools?

No, the cleaning company often comes with their cleaning supplies. But, they are flexible to allow the customer to choose or provide them with specific cleaning supplies they have in mind. And the same thing applies to clean tools.

However, you may have to provide certain tools for hygiene/sanitary reasons. That said, you will be the one to provide toilet brushes, garbage bags, step stool, dustpan, broom, bucket, and mop.

Who can I contact if I have a question or issue?

You can choose to call us through our main line or email us if you have issues or questions to inquire about. Once you reach out to use, you will get a response immediately to assist you.

Can you clean my home without my presence?

Yes, as mentioned, we have the best cleaners who are trustworthy and with clean background checks. Thus, you can let us know how we will access your home and get the job done.

What’s the time range you operate in?

Our home cleaning services lies from 8 am to 10 pm. Also, we are available throughout the week if you need us.

What should I consider when choosing a home cleaning service?

It’s wise to use specific aspects when considering home cleaning service to opt for. With so many in the market place, choosing the wrong kind is very possible. That said, you need to consider the following factors:


This is a vital factor to consider. You need a cleaning company with a credible reputation to guarantee the best services and safety of your belongings at home. With this aspect to consider, you will find the best home cleaning company in New York with the best performance.


It’s handy to consider the experience when looking for a home cleaning company in NYC. That said, ensure they have been operating for several years in this field before choosing their service. When you combine the number of years in this field and their reputation during this time, then you will get the best cleaning company to use their services


The location of the company is important. So if you are living in New York or NYC, then you need a home cleaning company based in these regions. What’s more, this will also be handy in case you need their services regularly or want to complain about something.


After using the above aspects to come up with a list of cleaning companies in NYC, then it’s time to consider your budget. Consider the company that fits your budget to avoid financial strains. And that’s not all; you can also compare what their packages are offering while considering the budget. Through this, you can choose one with the best values for your money.


Our team is our most valuable resource. All of our cleaning technicians have earned professional cleaner certification through HomeClean Maid Training Academy.

A Mission Driven by Quality

  • Deliver high quality and consistent cleaning 
  • Provide outstanding customer satisfaction
  • Respect the environment – use eco-cleaning products
  • Treat our staff well with stable employment and reasonable wages
  • Focus 100% of our resources on the best quality and service
  • Offer quality and service better than any other NYC home cleaning contractor

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